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Create your own boxes, albums, picture frames, bookmarks and everything that you could possibly imagine. How? With Scrapbook, a new product that will please all Do-It Yourself lovers. Scrapbook can be defined as a personal, one-of-a-kind scrapbook that can be assembled by cutting, pasting or making a collage to create a decorative element. The Scrapbook range features three games: My multi-creation set, My albums and My secret boxes. All of them include a crafting book and video tutorials. Sign up now for the trendiest hobby!

Many creations that do not require use of glue.

With your own hands...

  • Cut the materials and give them your favourite shape.
  • Paste them to create an original design.
  • Decorate your creation and give it your personal touch.
  • Now you have your Scrapbook!


My Scrapbook multi-creation set
My Scrapbook
multi-creation set
Mis albumes Scrapbook
My Scrapbook
Mis cajitas secretas Scrapbook
My Scrapbook
secret boxes


Ages 6 and up
Ages 6 and up
Do It Yourself
Do It Yourself
To share
To share
For creative minds
For creative minds

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