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EDUCA BORRAS S.A.U., in accordance with Section 2 of LSSI Article 22, acknowledges its use of storage and data recovery files ("Cookies") in the device or equipment of its Users. EDUCA BORRAS S.A.U. must clearly inform these Users how it will use this data and the Users must agree to its use on their device or equipment.

In accordance with Law 15/1999 dated 13 December concerning the Protection of Personal Data, EDUCA BORRAS S.A.U. informs its Users on the purposes of processing this data that belongs to its Users.

Cookies are files downloaded to the device or equipment of a User that store data. The entity responsible for its installation on the device or equipment may update and recover this data.

EDUCA BORRAS S.A.U. acknowledges that it does not use its own cookies or sends them to the device or equipment from its own system or domain. Instead, a third party that provides the service requested by the User carries this out. EDUCA BORRAS S.A.U. uses third party cookies. These cookies are sent to the device or equipment of the User from a system or domain that is managed by a third party that processes the data obtained through these cookies.

EDUCA BORRAS S.A.U. specifically uses:

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics tool is the analysis tool that helps EDUCA BORRAS S.A.U. understand the behavior of its users on its web pages.
This tool uses a group of cookies that collects information and offers statistics on the use of the sites without personally identifying the visitors. Google Analytics uses "_ga" as its main cookie.
Google stores the information collected by the "cookies" primarily in servers located in the United States. EDUCA BORRAS S.A.U. informs the User that Google may transfer this information to third parties when required by law or if these third parties process the information on behalf of Google.

Persistent Third Party

EDUCA BORRAS S.A.U. only uses analysis cookies that are processed by third parties. They allow the Company to quantify the number of Users and perform the measurement and statistical analysis of how the Users make use of the offered service. It analyzes their navigation experience on the website in order to improve the products and services that EDUCA BORRAS S.A.U. offers its Users.

EDUCA BORRAS S.A.U. currently does not use Google Analytics with another type of advertising cookie by Google or third parties that reveal, as an example, the search results of its users, visits to websites frequently visited by its users and the most relevant ads.

EDUCA BORRAS S.A.U. informs Users the service offered by Google determines the default settings for these cookies. The Company suggests the User review the Google Analytics Privacy page to obtain more information about the cookies that it uses and how to disable them (considering that EDUCA BORRAS S.A.U. shall not be liable for the content or the accuracy of websites managed by third parties).

EDUCA BORRAS S.A.U. does not store sensitive, personal information that could identify a user such as their address, password, credit or debit card information, etc., inside the cookies that it uses.

The User may permit, block or delete the cookies installed on their device or equipment by managing the settings of the web browser installed on their device or equipment. The User may find this information at the following links:

EDUCA BORRAS S.A.U. may also upload videos from websites like YouTube on the website. EDUCA BORRAS S.A.U. includes this content on its website. However, these site references may have Cookies. Users may review information on these Cookies on the website of the Publisher.

If the user shares any content from the websites with certain social media networks, these websites may include a cookie when the User logs into the service.

Educa Borras, S.A.U. does not have control over the spread or management of these cookies. It therefore recommends that Users review the privacy policies of these websites.

If any changes arise to the characteristics of the cookies or the purposes of their use, EDUCA BORRAS S.A.U. shall modify its cookie policy to inform the users of its web pages.

To learn more about cookies, EDUCA BORRAS S.A.U. recommends having its users visit the website for more information and details on cookie management.

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